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Fingerstick StudyWe are trying to understand if Covid-19 antibodies and biomarkers can be measured just as well from a fingerstick as from a regular blood draw. If we can show this is the case, then screening for changes over time in Covid-19 exposure status could be done in the convenience of a person's home and not require visiting a testing site.

Quick Instructions:

  1. You may use a fingerstick study placemat to lay out your materials:

    • Clamshell(s) with cotton tips contained inside

    • Alcohol swab

    • Lancet

    • Gauze

    • Bandaid

  2. Warm your hands (you may wash hands in warm water, if a nearby sink is available).

  3. Use an alcohol swab to wipe fingertip(s).

  4. Lay your hand flat on the table, and use a lance to firmly prick the *side* of a fingertip.

  5. Wipe away the first small amount of blood with 1 piece of guaze.

  6. Massage your finger in an outward direction to increase blood flow (you may 'clamp' around the middle of the extended finger to help create a 'bead').

  7. Touch the cotton tip to the blood drop and ensure cotton tip is *soaked*. Repeat for all tips.

  8. Wipe your fingertip(s) with gauze and apply bandaid(s).

  9. Fold your clamshell(s) closed until you hear a click.

  10. Return your clamshell(s) into the foil pouch and seal shut.

A quick demo is shown in the video below (the entire process can take as little as 3 minutes):

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